Indoor and Landscape Water Fountain

Welcome to the fountain department of Merchandise Bazaar. A traditional fountain is an arrangement where water issues from a source (Latin fons), fills a basin of some kind, and is drained away. We provide a wide variety of fountains for the discerning shopper. Our selection includes indoor, backyard, landscape, and yard water fountains. If you are in the market for a fountain, please browse our site before making your purchase.

Grande Millennia Rebecca Fountain

Grande Millennia Rebecca Landscape Fountain

Henri Grande Millennia Fountains are the ultimate statement of bold elegance and grace. Blending classical concepts with creativity, each Fountain is an extraordinary fountain experience. The interior pool is molded from premium fiberglass, the rest of the fountain is durable concrete. Complete unit measures 11'4inch diameter. (24pc, 5,121 pounds) For more information, please call.

4 Ladies of France Bronze Fountain

4 Ladies of France Bronze Landscape Fountain

This Fountain made of bronze is created using the lost wax method. It is sure to be a focal point in any home decor or garden decor. Approximate weight is 1200 lbs For more information call.

Four Tier Renaissance Fountain in Toscana Pool

Four Tier Renaissance Landscape Fountain in Toscana Pool

This ultimate version of the Renaissance Fountain utilizes our extraordinary Toscana Pool, a unique, nine-foot diameter hybrid ground pool that combines classic, easy-fit cast stone surround walls with a premium, one-piece color cast fiberglass bowl. (18 piece fountain; 2,502lbs.) Finished in Pompeii Antique Ash. For more information, please call.

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